Christmas is coming we Stock plain tablecloths and red, green and white napkins plus red and white candles.


There is often a misconception when buying batteries, they are not all the same.

Alkaline batteries are ideal for a huge range of uses, often chosen for household devices like wireless mouse, toys and remote controls. Sold in the 5 popular sizes of AAA, AA, C, D and 9V, their alkaline batteries are further split into 3 types.

Duracell Simply are the basic range, perfect for use in low drain devices like TV remotes or clocks. They offer reliable power at an affordable price if you’re operating on a budget. These are the cheaper range of batteries usually you can find these in large packs in the budget stores but they won’t last long in high powered devices so not really cost affective.

DURACELL POWER PlUS is the brand’s most popular range, benefitting from Duralock technology that keeps the batteries powered for up to 10 years in storage. This range offers great value for money as well as the long-lasting power you expect from the brand. This range is also available in the popular sizes of AAA, AA, C, D and 9V. You will pay a bit more for these but there will last a lot longer than the simple range.

Duracell Ultra Power They are reliable and long lasting, being used in everyday devices The Ultra Power range has more concentrated power compared to Plus Power. What’s more, each battery in this range has PowerCheck, which lets you see how much power is left, as well as Duralock. Ultra Power has been designed for high powered devices, meeting the demands of items like digital cameras.

At Under 1 Roof in West Wickham High street we stock Panasonic simple range and Duracell Power Pluses.

Adhesives & Glues

Under 1 Roof West Wickham, High Street.

Under 1 roof supply a wide range of adhesives, from multi purpose to more specialized for plastics and contact adhesive. We also sell a small range of Gorilla glue.

Under 1 Roof in West Wickham have been trading since 2004 and are a family run business.

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