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A good local shop with a range of useful hardware, household and gardening items (and reasonably priced too). Friendly and helpful staff.

Great local shop which stocks everything you need for a great price and always served with a smile.

Friendly and helpful, and a great range of products.

Excellent local shop with most things you will need for your home: cooking items, jam jars, jugs, lots of tin foil dishes, doormats, nails, screws, black sacks, household cleaners, items for the garden, flower and vegetable seeds, shopping trolleys, you name it they will either have it in stock or offer to get it for you. Family concern which is friendly, courteous and helpful.

A great local shop. Has most things you’ll need for the house. Was surprised to discover they sell water bottles (for school) and were much cheaper than online retailers. Now my Go-To shop.

Great local shop with useful household items – I went in for thermal fleece frost protection bags for plants not expecting them to have them – but they did! Helpful staff too.

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